Zalando –

directed by Stefanie Soho

This is the DC.

A campaign created within 10 days in April 2020 during the lockdown. Shot on various mobile phones and a FPV drone.

Client: Zalando
Agency: Kolle Rebbe
CD: Martin Terhart, Alexander Michaelsen, Christoph Bielefeldt
Agency Producer: Nina Offermann, Vanessa Rüsch
Accountant: Jan Vierig, Tim Felicetti

Director: Stefanie Soho
Producer: Anna Bauer
Production Company: BWGTBLD GmbH

Post-Producer: Philipp Weinrich
Colorist: Stefan King (DIFFERENCE CC)
Music: Alexis Troy (TRO)
Sounddesign: Moritz Staub (Staub Audio)
VFX: Deveroe
Editor: Marvin Kühner